series -SPORTS-

series -SPORTS-

The sports line, which is sold out every year, is back again this year.

Introducing a refreshing mesh bag made of high-performance sports mesh material that utilizes the switching design of AZUMA® BAG.

Taking advantage of the quick-drying properties of mesh material that dries quickly even if it gets wet,
Since it can be carried while suppressing stuffiness, it is also useful for outdoor events where wet items are stored and dirt is a concern. It's easy to wash, so it's perfect for everyday use such as training at the gym or sauna.

In addition, it is the only M size in the AZUMA® series, and while it has the capacity to store necessary items without worrying about it, it is also a great size that is easy to carry.
You can store PET bottles, towels, leisure sheets, etc. without worrying about the capacity, so you can enjoy them without getting in the way when you move.

Silver x Blue, easy to match with any outfit Green x Willow green, perfect for accent color Navy x Lavender

It has a different package specification than normal AZUMA®,
Since it can be bundled with the attached rubber, it can be stored without being bulky when hidden in a bag.

Not only is it easy to use, but the vivid colors and textures of the sports series give it a different presence from the usual AZUMA®.
Due to the limited quantity, it will be sold out every season, so
Please purchase as soon as possible!

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